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We Love Ministries

Let’s us create something special for your ministry!

Does your ministry need custom jewelry or gift products for your church or ministry that reflects your ministry message? Adding tangible products such as custom jewelry and gifts is a great way to reinforce the Word of God and your ministry message. It makes your message “sticky.” Many of the products we create are even not represented on our site. Why? Because what we create is generally exclusive to the ministry.

Blessed Bling creates custom jewelry and gifts for:

  1. Fundraisers
  2. Conference gifts
  3. Custom Products to sell at Women’s and Men’s conferences
  4. Strategic jewelry and gifts items customized for to enhance a book or CD/DVD series
  5. Church Stores
  6. Church camps
  7. Gifts for pastors and staff
  8. Awards and award gifts
  9. Events requiring promotional items

It does not matter what size your ministry is, we can serve small to large. It is our goal not only to be good steward of your budget but to work in excellence as we should in the Kingdom of God!

We can manufacture completely new designs for jewelry based on your ideas. From concept, to production, to packaging, we can help make your “divine” ideas happen. We also have in house production printing and engraving capabilities to serve the smaller scale projects also.

The possibilities are limitless because we have an unlimited power source in our God!

Let us brainstorm God ideas with you!